Agency:  New York City College Of Technology
The Ask: Create 2 page Ad for the Ikea campaign 
The Challenges: We had to create an original idea for IKEA using design and copywriting skills that showcases the prices on how cheap something like a simple couch is.  
The Big Idea: I got inspired by the Casper ads that were all over the subway back in 2019, They are fun little visual puzzles that made the audience think. So I thought of recreating something similar for IKEA using my illustration skills and IKEA's brand colors. The concept is simple, on the left of the page you have a little short puzzle using an eye, a key, and the letter "A" which when said all together it forms the word IKEA. On the left page, a short sentence that explains more about the piece of art, asking the audience to envision the key of their ________ depending on the object. 
My Role: Art Director & Copy Writer
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