Agency:  Freelance Client (Remote at Home)
The Ask: Create a book cover for Alexandra Robinson's first self-published book. 
The Challenges: For an erotic story, the client wanted something simple, clean, and recognizable with its main protagonist on the book cover. 
The Big Idea: Roses often time signify passion, and our main character Jessica, is like a rose, beautiful, but with her thorns and struggles like everyone else. She is free, she is young, she is a sexual being. So on this book cover, I wanted to portrait the free movement and sexuality of this character adding the roses as a backdrop. Roses also inspired the typography selected. If you look at it closely, there are thorns in between the type font. 
My Role: Graphic Designer
Description: Jessica is a 23-year-old female left in charge of her mother's real estate firm after her untimely passing. She's smart, sassy, full of life, and the most loyal friend anyone can ask for. But what happens when that same loyalty isn't returned to her from whom she deemed trustworthy amongst her closest friends? This story is about betrayal, lies, lust, and secrecy.
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