Agency: DDB Health | 4A's Maip Internship
The Ask: Lyfta needs a digital campaign for their Dyslexia study. 
The Challenges: Around 10% of the United States population suffers from Dyslexia, a learning disability in reading. Dyslexia can create difficulty with other skills, too. These include reading comprehension, writing, spelling, and math. How can a technology like Virtual Reality help teach individuals with Dyslexia for a brighter future? 
The Big Idea: My concept was simple, create a visual campaign that shows how individuals with dyslexia see the world (broken words) vs. the information they will get once using a VR headset in this study. The font itself used its called "open dyslexia" and is a font specifically used with people with dyslexia. I used red, blue, and yellow to symbolize the fundamental colors taught at schools for the very first time.  Everything seen below is illustrated and designed. 
My Role: Art Direction & Designer