Agency: New York City College Of Technology (Senior Thesis)
The Ask: Raising awareness for an eco-friendly Vinyl that will help get your groove on while helping mamma earth and save your money. 
The Challenges: Vinyls are catching the attention of the younger generation. However, one vinyl alone can be pretty expensive. A typical LP record is made out of polyvinyl chloride, which is hard to recycle and which fumes are toxic to the environment.  Vinyls can be heavy and tend to wear out with usage. How can Spotify come in and help this younger generation experience the same rich, warm quality of ordinary Vinyl while helping the enviroment? 
The Big Idea: Spotify will create an advertising campaign surrounding this future-to-be Vinyl product, on which you can play in any regular record player and play any song while connecting with your Spotify account via Bluetooth. Using Iconic cover albums from iconic artists like Kanye West, Nirvana, Katy Perry, Alice Cooper, The 1975, and Joy Division. Melomaniacs all around the world can rest assured their ears will contribute to something bigger than themselves. 
My Role: Art Direction & Designer ( Inspired by Leading Brand Comedy "Introducing: Spotify Vinyl" Video)